One Size
Does Not Fit All

We can help anyone build a personalized nutrition and lifestyle. One size DOES NOT fit all! Our most frequent client types include: Individuals looking to create sustainable habits that impact health and fitness, clients looking to strengthen relationships with food through modifications of eating behavior...


We are here to help.

We are a group of Registered Dietitians and Personal Trainers in the Pittsburgh area with significant experience, a passion for wellness, and a commitment to helping clients make changes that last.

We can help anyone build a personalized nutrition and lifestyle. One size DOES NOT fit all!

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    Have you ever been stuck in a vicious cycle of unhealthy habits, and been unsure of how to get out? Because, same.
    Let Andrew show you how to flip that cycle on its head and start the ball rolling towards a cycle of HEALTHY, positive habits.
    Our new podcast episode is out NOW!

    Exercise our way to better mental health? It is possible! Andrew breaks it down for us here:

    Our very own Devon the Dietitian sat down with Dr. Tyler Bordick of Inner Strength Physio Fitness to talk about how our relationship with food got so messed up, and what to do about it!

    Check it out ⤵️

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