robert marty

“One size does not fit all,” could not be a more accurate statement. Prior to working with Andrew, my “nutritionists,” gave me generic dieting advice that had worked for THEM with THEIR weight loss goals. By hiring Andrew as my registered dietitian I made sure that expertise and scientifically validated information would be the keys to my weight loss and not hours of cardio or under eating. It was that same knowledge that helped me to achieve an all time low body fat of 3%, while maintaining all of my muscle mass that I had put on naturally over the course of a year. More importantly was the energy, strength, and quality of health that Andrew made sure I maintained throughout the 15 week diet. Furthermore, Andrew was always willing to answer my questions and put in extra time to make sure we stayed on track. In the end the results speak for themselves, and as a result of working with Andrew I brought 4 trophies home with me from Gary Udit’s Natural Pennsylvania, three of them being 1st places. Andrew will help you to reach your dieting goals because he wants you to achieve them just as badly as you do. Do not sell yourself short and pay for a diet that was made for someone else, because you deserve a diet that was made to fit YOUR lifestyle and help you to reach YOUR goals.

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