Rate My Day Mobile App

Rate My Day is now available in the app store for both iPhone and Android devices! The app is a simple awareness tool. It reminds you to assess the Health of your day at the time set. We created this as a habit building tool. A lot of our clients use it to track consistency of eating. Here is an example of how someone might use it:
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A Green day is a day you are eating with attention to the quality and spread of food that leaves them feeling their best and helps them achieve the goals they have.

A Yellow day might be a day where it was mostly routine with some sort of spontaneous in the moment extra like a snack or fun dessert.

A Red is a day with multiple extras like a weekend spent celebrating with friends.

There is also a projection feature on the app if you select a day in advance, you can assign it a color and instead of coloring it in, it outlines it. This is a good way to keep track of social events you know are coming up and surround them with green days! Remember, the colors do not say good or bad, they are simply a way to see what your week and month has developed into.


For those of you not looking to track your food, this app can be useful for any habit or awareness. Whether you are trying to reflect on your Stress Management, observe patterns in your anxiety levels, increase your completion of physical therapy exercises, or how improve often you floss, the 24 hour awareness is where all habits begin! It is an easy action step: try it, use it, love it, pass along!