Marathon Ready Runner’s Guide:A Quick Reference Tool

We are proud to announce the release of our book, Marathon Ready Runner's Nutrition Guide: a Quick Reference Tool in paperback on Amazon and in e-book format on the Amazon Kindle! Click HERE to be directed to the Paperback edition and  HERE to be directed to the Amazon Kindle version.

The goal of this book is to serve as an effective and concise tool to maximize your understanding and execution of proper nutrition during half marathon and marathon training. This book starts at the beginning of your training and provides nutrition education through race day. Other running books often spend time focusing on extreme levels of detail, or use fluff to add pages. The material that follows is meant to be an easy reference tool that allows you to pull up the topic and go! This tool has assisted many runners with attention to their nutrition during training. It is worth repeating the importance of nutrition during your preparation for extended distance runs. When the body is fueled appropriately you are faster, have increased endurance, improved rate of recovery, and reduced risk of injury. Too often, runners end up in my office after they get injured playing shoulda-wouldacoulda. Use this guide to fuel correctly and with confidence. With running, energy expense varies widely from person to person. With that in mind, this guide will not provide you with estimates of daily energy needs. Instead it will focus on the components of meals surrounding activity, overall nutrition quality, hydration, and some of the trendier fueling strategies from Ketogenic eating to the Modified carb load.

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