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Welcome to the Pittsburgh Dietitians Blog!

We created this blog to offer a realistic perspective about nutrition, fitness, and wellness. We want to help you navigate the extremely confusing world that is the health and wellness industry.

As Dietitians, we pride ourselves on being mediators of information. It is our job to take emerging science, and help you apply it to your life. It is equally our responsibility to help you examine all lifestyle choices, and make sure you have the information needed to make an educated decision for you!

Throughout these articles, we intend to communicate three main ideas:

  1. It takes more than a google search and a yahoo article to create your own path to wellness.
  2. A ‘Healthy Lifestyle’ is not a universal definition.
  3. Food is meant to be both delicious and nutritious.


Blog Posts

The RD2B Blog Pic - 1

The RD2B

Written by: Ava Elliott, MS, RD & Anna Jacobs, Dietetic Student & Marketing Intern What is a Registered Dietitian? An RD or RDN is a credentialed healthcare professional that is an expert in all things nutrition-related. They provide the highest ...

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