Healthy Holiday Guide: A Realistic Approach To Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

Student Spotlight by Therezia Alchoufete 

  1. Make Realistic Goals
  • Eat in moderation – recognize foods high in saturated fat, sugar, and sodium and avoid over-eating.
  • Don’t deprive yourself of family favorites – enjoy treats, but watch portion sizes.
  1. Find Time For Exercise
  • Incorporate physical activity into holiday chores – running the vacuum burns calories!
  • Take a walk daily – even if that means walking around the mall as you finish your gift shopping.
  1. Plan For Parties
  • Try to eat a healthy snack prior to going to the party to avoid over-eating
  • Avoid items that are high in salt or sugar, such as cheese dip and cocktails – liquid calories do count!
  1. Treat Yourself
  • Make time for sleep, family and friends – this will decrease stress and keep your metabolism going strong.
  • Avoid over-booking your schedule – the holidays can be busy, but leave free time for relaxation.
  1. Create Healthy Traditions
  • Cook with the family and let everyone choose a favorite recipe.
  • Modify recipe ingredients to choose low fat & low sodium options when possible.
  • Don’t change family favorites – instead, use portion control to eat in moderation.

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