Public Speaking

Case Specific Nutrition™ is a group of highly educated and extremely passionate Dietitians. If you have read any of our articles or watched any of our videos, you can likely tell how much we love to talk and type! We perform food demonstrations as well as lectures, ‘Ask the Dietitian’ events, and discussion based presentations. We can cover a wide variety of topics, so email us with your area of interest!

Common Lunch & Learn topics offered include:

    • Ask the Dietitian
    • Anti-Inflammatory Eating
    • Eating on a budget
    • Eating while in the workplace + stress management
    • Meal prepping
    • Nutrition 101
    • Behavior and Motivation
    • Holiday Focused
    • Diabetes
    • Healthy Heart
    • Food Labels
    • Recipe Makeover
    • Eating less calories
    • Going out to eat
    • Navigating Fad Diets

For an extensive interview with Andrew about CSN and the CSN mindset, please checkout the Two Knowbodies Podcast and the exclusive interview with Allison and Andrew on Roadmap the Real World!

“Diet for the Athlete, Workaholic, and Everyone in Between”

 Beyond Calories and Carbs: Myths, Fads and Facts with 2 Registered Dietitian