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Case Specific Nutrition
Individualized Nutrition. Incredible Results.


Main Office Address: 5750 Baum Blvd, Suite 306 Pittsburgh, PA 15206

East End Address: 6439 Saltsburg Rd. Pittsburgh, PA 15235

South Hills Address: 4156 Library Rd, Suite 2, Pittsburgh PA 15234

At A.M. Wade Nutrition Group LLC, aka ‘Case Specific Nutrition’, we base recommendations on the fundamental principle that there is no universal healthy lifestyle. Instead, energy intake, nutrient needs, supplementation, physical activity and time management should all be tailored to each individual. Said another way, pursuit of a healthy lifestyle is “Case Specific”. Our company bases all of our products and services on this core belief. The concept of Case Specific Nutrition is a commitment to maximizing the health and wellness of our clients using diet and exercise as the catalysts for success.

Learn More about CSN in an exclusive sit down interview with Andrew Wade and “The Two Knowbodies” Podcast Here, as well as an exclusive podcast interview with both Allison and Andrew Wade Here.


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