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A.M. Wade Nutrition Group & Case Specific Nutrition
Individualized Nutrition. Incredible Results.

At A.M. Wade Nutrition Group LLC, we base recommendations on the fundamental principle that there is no universal healthy lifestyle. Instead, energy intake, nutrient needs, supplementation, physical activity and time management should all be tailored to each individual. Said another way, pursuit of a healthy lifestyle is “Case Specific”. Our company bases all of our products and services on this core belief. The concept of Case Specific Nutrition is a commitment to maximizing the health and wellness of our clients using diet and exercise as the catalysts for success.


Without proper education and guidance, the health and wellness industry can be difficult to navigate. With the help of our Nutrition Consulting, Local Nutrition Services, Educational Materials, and Social Media Posts on pittsburgh-dietitian.com, you can learn to feed your body what it needs, and increase your confidence as a consumer. The Consulting Services offered by A.M. Wade Nutrition Group LLC are individualized to your need. We will provide you with meal planning or eating guidelines containing defined nutrient goals based on your food preferences, daily schedule, and personal goals. In addition to this information, we will teach you to exchange foods, add flavor without sacrificing nutrition, properly assess what your body needs, and create a positive relationship with food. The key to success in nutrition is learning to feed your body!

In addition to meal plans and food-centered counseling, we offer personalized supplement recommendations. We believe supplements have their place and can be beneficial. The word supplement means to complement and enhance. If done correctly, they can do just that! Be sure to try the first product in our supplement line; Case Specific Nutrition Daily Whey! Our simply formulated yet versatile whey powder can be a great addition to a diet. You will be amazed what whey protein can do when added to some of your favorite foods as an ingredient (Protein Pancakes or ‘WhEyggos’ anyone?).

By scheduling a consultation with a ‘Case Specific’ Registered Dietitian, reading the articles and recipes on pittsburgh-dietitian.com, or signing up for a grocery store tour or cooking demonstration, you can start making great strides towards improving your health!

Case Specific Nutrition is spreading throughout Pittsburgh! With counselling services provided in the City, East End and South Hills, as well as within BRN Fitness, Iron City Elite Strength and Conditioning, Allegheny Chesapeake Physical Therapy, the PNC YMCA, CityFit Wellness Program, Premier Medical Associates WadeTrained, Legendary Bootcamp & Fitness, Leap Fitness, East Suburban Sports Medicine, Family Practice Medical Associates and  Kids Plus Pediatrics; A health and wellness partnership with Wounded Warrior Project; Grocery Store tours and cooking demos offered at multiple grocery store chains throughout the city; biweekly blogs posted on the Pittsburgh Post Gazette’s Community Voices page and pittsburgh-dietitian.com; and Registered Dietitian Rants appearing on Youtube, CSN is only getting easier to find! Thank you for all of your support!

Case Specific Nutrition’s main office is located at 5750 Baum Blvd, suite 306, Pittsburgh, PA 15206. In addition to this full time space located between Shadyside and East Liberty, block scheduling occurs at multiple locations listed above. Please contact us for more information!

Learn More about CSN in an exclusive sit down interview with the Fit Cloud Here as well as a Podcast available Here.


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