Case Specific Corporate Wellness Services

We provide a variety of services for staff and their family members.

Services include:

  • Nutrition & Lifestyle Counseling:

    • Individual, family, couple, & group sessions
      • Often covered by Insurance
    • Health Workshops and Seminars
      • General topics include: Fitness, Nutrition, Mindfulness, Life Balance, Meal Preparation, Eating Out, Eating on a Budget, Navigating Restaurants, Holiday Eating.
    • Accountability Campaigns/Wellness Challenges
      • Water intake, Step Challenges, Group Weight Loss
    • Cooking Demonstrations
    • Grocery Store Tours
  • OptiLife Academy Online Classes

    • Online Nutrition and Exercise Educational Course in Do-It-Yourself format.
    • 20 Modules Covering Nutrition and Exercise with over 50 videos and downloadable resources.
    • Does not apply to insurance. Company can purchase user logins for all employees, who are given permanent access. Pricing based on number of users.
  • Personal Training

    • Individual, small group training
    • Fitness and Body Composition Assessments
    • Group Exercise Classes
      • Cardio, strength, HIIT, Bootcamp
    • Does No Apply to Insurance
  • Tobacco Cessation

    • Individual, group, telephonic
    • Is not covered by insurance at this time
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Corporate Savings Data

  • Improved Eating Habits- $4,598/employee

    • Employees with poor diets cost 40% more in health claims than those with healthy diets.(3)
  • Lose Weight- $6,159/employee

    • Overweight to morbidly obese employees cost between $4,252 and $8,067. (9)
    • Each additional body mass index (BMI) point above normal weight costs $194-$222 per year per employee.(9)
  • Diabetes- $2,203/employee

    • Between 2007 and 2012, the ADA reported the costs associated with diabetes treatment jumped 41 percent, from $174 billion to $245 billion – approximately $13,700 annually per person. (3)
    • Direct medical costs for those with diabetes are 2.3 times higher than costs without diabetes.
  • A Dietitian is a wellness professional trained in motivational interviewing and education, a combined skill set that maximizes the ability to affect change in clients.

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