Coming Soon in January 2019!


In the first week of 2019, Case Specific Wellness will open at 1813 Golden Mile Highway, Plum, PA 15239. On December 22nd we will be moving the Case Specific Nutrition Office on Saltsburg Road (Penn Hills location) and moving it to this location. In addition to Nutritional Counselling, we will also be offering Personal Training and Small Group Training services with our well educated training staff.

Meet Jeremiah! Jeremiah Rowe is the Lead Trainer with Case Specific Wellness. He has a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science from Slippery Rock University and experience with Performance Training for Athletes of All Ages, Rehabilitation Training and Training for Weight Loss and Healthy Lifestyle.

“I have 9+ years of experience training myself and other clients, both personally and as a strength coach in a professional setting. I am excited to help you achieve your goals!”



Who Should Contact Jeremiah?

  • Those looking to regain balance and strength following an injury.
  • Athletes with a desire to take their physical performance to the next level (all ages).
  • Individuals seeking exercise and accountability to compliment a weight loss or healthy lifestyle plan.


What is the Cost?

Individual Rates:

  • One, 60 minute Training Session: $60
  • Five, 60 minute Training Sessions: $270 (10% OFF)
  • Ten, 60 minute Training Sessions: $500 (18% OFF)
  •  30 minute Training Sessions are also available at $30 per 30 Min, with packages costing 1/2 the price of the full hour sessions.


Small Group Rates: Small Groups are Made up of 2-4 People.

  • Individuals Should have similar Goals for Group Training to work Effectively.
  • One, 60 minute Training Session: $100 (Split by Attendees) ($25-$50 per person)
  • Five, 60 minute Training Sessions: $440 (Split by Attendees) ($22-$44 per person)
  • Ten, 60 minute Training Sessions: $700 (Split by Attendees) ($17.5-$35 per person)


For more information or to schedule sessions with Jeremiah starting the week of 1/7/2019, email or call 412-593-2048 and select 1 to talk to our Office Administrator Lisa!