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Reversing Osteoporosis

I am a 53-year-old female who is postmenopausal. I’ve always considered myself to be in good shape and felt I ate healthy as an adult, but not so healthy as an adolescent. I have weighed between 110-120 lbs most of my adult life, up until the past 3 years when I went through menopause. I now weigh about 126 and am 5’6 tall.

Approximately one year ago I had my first bone density test and it revealed I had osteoporosis with a reading of-2.7 for my spine. I was in shock. I was referred to an internal medicine doctor who prescribed me to take bio phosphates. After doing some research I found the drug they wanted me to take could possibly stop bone loss, but would not promote bone growth. The drug also came with a number of other side affects I was not ready to risk taking. I decided to contact Andrew Wade, a Registered Dietitian, and share my concerns. He was very empathetic and said he would not want to take this type of drug either if he was in my shoes. I reviewed my diet with him and he made some suggestions on foods I could add. He also advised me to take quality supplements. With his help and recommendations I began to take a quality multi vitamin called Phyto Multi along with a calcium supplement called CalApatite Bone Builder. He also suggested liquid Vitamin D3 to take with the calcium. I purchased these supplements through the website For the next 12 months, I followed his instructions and I focused on my diet and eating healthier, which also included eating more alkaline foods. I also took my vitamins and began a strength-training program.

I went for a follow-up bone density test on September 2, 2015 and found that what Andrew had suggested I do, was working. My results came back and I was gaining back some of my bone loss. My spine test revealed I was at -2.3, which is classified as osteopenia not osteoporosis! I was so excited. I will continue to live the lifestyle I have been living the last year and continue to focus on my diet, strength training and vitamin supplements. I am scheduled to go back in one year for another test and I am excited to see if I can make my numbers even better. Thank you Andrew Wade!

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