Penn State Rowing Athlete

I reached out to Andrew this past summer for some help in becoming one of the top rowers for the Penn State Women’s Crew Team. Fortunetly, with Andrew’s help, I was able to place 7th (in the Varsity 4+) in the Head of the Charles World Championships Regatta with my boat-mates.

Andrew was extremely inviting and helped me get down to an all time low body fat percentage for me of a 22.1% in my fall racing season. I felt strong, and I felt lean. The most amazing part was even though I was losing fat, I was maintaining my weight for the most part and was able to gain a lot of strength to make our boat stronger and faster.

The highlight of my season was being able to see my Coach’s facial expression when he saw my rowing test results compared to my weight and my body fat percentage. We were both impressed and both very satisfied how far I have come. I truly owe a lot of that work to Andrew! I do not think I would have been as successful and happy without his nutrition plan for me!

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