Nutrition in Bodybuilding

I am a sponsored athlete and a men’s physique competitor in the NPC (National Physique Committee). As a “bodybuilder” I must train to lower my bodyfat to the lowest (healthy) level possible for the time that I step on stage. I have been using Andrew’s consulting services for almost 6 months now and have come farther working with him than I had ever thought possible. His meal plans are catered to you specifically(they’re CASE SPECIFIC;D), they do not starve you, and they focus on healthy food that not only will help you lose fat, but also feel better and more fit overall. He also treats his clients as FRIENDS and not just names. During my show prep he is consistently checking on my progress to make adjustments accordingly. And also being that I am a super broke college kid he is very understanding of my commonly late payments:0 (NOT THAT I AM SAYING THAT IS ACCEPTABLE) I would (and very often do) recommend any person that is seeking to lose fat, and become a more fit individual speak to Andrew and use his services. If you are considering it at all, CONTACT HIM RIGHT NOW.

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