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Going into my senior year of college, I wanted to do something much bigger than myself that pushed me out of my comfort zone and really challenged me. I have always been inspired to live a healthy lifestyle and be very active. I am studying Exercise Science at Slippery Rock University and believe that practicing what your preach is the most effective tool a person can hold. One aspect of the exercise and fitness world that always caught my eye was the world of bodybuilding. At my school, we have an annual competition, Mr. and Ms. SRU, where students from our school as well as other schools compete in a bodybuilding competition. So as my goal for this year, I decided to commit to the bodybuilding lifestyle and become a bikini competitor in this year’s competition. My friend Rob had recently worked with Andrew on a show and I was truly amazed at his physique and build for the show. I knew that going at this competition alone would not be possible so I got in contact with Andrew right away. After discussing my goals, we got my meal prep ready in no time and I was on the go! Every week, I lost weight and began to see my body transform. As the diet became more serious, any problems that came up were immediately fixed and we were able to adjust and accommodate to my needs and lifestyle. I could not believe how amazing my body felt while still losing weight and lowering my percentage of body fat. At the start of training, I weighed around 144 with a 23% body fat and on March 30, competition day, I weighed in at 123 lbs with 11-12% body fat. I ended up winning:
First in Class A Closed bikini
Ms. SRU Bikini Champion
First in Class B Open Bikini
First in Overall Open Bikini
I cannot thank Andrew and Case Specific Nutrition™ enough! I would of never had the body I had for my competition nor the mindset. Andrew was so helpful during my training not only with my dietary needs, but with emotional and life stress that came into my life. I could not ask for a better trainer by my side and I’m so happy to be representing CSN and to be able to bring home 4 first place trophies! I will no doubt in my mind be working with CSN and Andrew for a long time 🙂 This was one show and there are many more to come 🙂
Thanks again!!!

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