From a very young age I was always active and engaged in sports. I grew up playing soccer, basketball, and running cross-country and track. I have always been an extremely competitive individual and worked to be the very best athlete I could be. It was always my aspiration to play soccer at the collegiate level. With this goal in mind, I worked very hard to develop the skill to play at this level. My freshman year in high school I began working with a sports performance trainer. I lifted a few days a week and worked on speed and agility training as well. Throughout high school, I was passionate about fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. However, it wasn’t until college that I really became passionate about fitness.
After four years of playing collegiate soccer, I was itching to find something new to compete for. Because I developed such a passion for weight lifting, I decided that I would compete in a NPC Bikini Competition. I knew that in order to be successful with this, a proper diet would be crucial. A good friend of mine from school suggested contacting Andrew Wade for help regarding a meal plan for my bikini prep. Although I had always been conscious with what I ate and ate what I thought was a “healthy diet,” I was wrong. After meeting with Andrew for our initial consult, I was shocked at the wealth of information he provided me and some of the essential nutrients that were missing in my diet.
I am extremely thankful for all Andrew has done to help me throughout this preparation. He was always willing to make adjustments based on what I liked and disliked. I thought going into the prep that it would be a miserable diet; however with Andrew’s help he made the experience so rewarding. Thanks to Andrew, I went from 20% body fat to 12% in 10 weeks. Any one who asks me for recommendations regarding a diet, I immediately suggest Andrew. He is such a friendly and approachable individual with a passion for helping people reach their goals. Thank you Andrew for your help! Cannot wait to work with you for the next bikini prep!

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