Kaylee Donas, RDN, LDN

Kaylee Donas RDN LDN

Kaylee is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian (RDN, LDN) with a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Ohio University. Kaylee is also an ACE certified personal trainer (CPT) and a certified weight management specialist.

Kaylee completed her dietetic internship at The New York Presbyterian Hospital in New York City. During her time in Manhattan she had the opportunity to work in six different hospital and healthcare settings. It was there she acquired extensive, diverse experience with people of all backgrounds and nutritional needs. This includes everything from gut health and weight management to eating disorders, children’s nutrition and athletic performance.

Kaylee’s passion for health and wellness lead her to pursue a career where she would have the greatest opportunity to help others. She chose to be an RDN because she loves watching her clients grow into the healthy versions of themselves that they aspire to be.

Kaylee is currently on a limited schedule virtually and at the South Hills office. 

You can get scheduled with Kaylee by calling 412-593-2048, or by emailing us at scheduling@casespecificnutrition.com.