Journey to a Healthy Life

I am an Exercise Science major at Slippery Rock University and have always been interested in living a healthy lifestyle. I was always active as a young girl dancing since the age of 2 and playing softball. I went to CAPA High School and studied dance where I was always at rehearsal, competition, or performing.
When I came to SRU I was drawn to the MR/MS SRU Competition ever since I was a freshman. I finally decided last summer (2013) that I was going to train for the 2014 show. My journey was anything but easy. I planned to start training 20 weeks out from the day of the show. I began training under a figure competitor out of PIttsburgh who over charged me and lied about her said credentials. As you could imagine this was highly discouraging so I went on for about 10 weeks just trying to do this on my own until after returning from our Winter break I got in touch with another trainer who just knew how to get “shredded” for a bodybuilding show without considering major health risks. By this point in training I was 9 weeks out and I just needed help. After following this plan I was extremely sick. As a female I was over consuming protein and my body was deprived of many essential things it needed. This lead me to back and forth doctors visits to keep my training on track. After realizing enough was enough I needed to seek a health professional who knew what was going on. I then came in contact with Andrew at 5 weeks out from competition day. I was so proud to say that after all of the misguidance and misinformation I was able to step on stage extremely happy and healthy. I was finally confident in my own skin ! I always saw the before and after pictures of other people hoping that they were me. Today I am so proud to say that thanks to Andrew and Case Specific Nutrition™ it really is ME! In the left picture: Day 1 of training- 134 lbs and almost 30% body fat. In the right picture: Competition Day- about 118 lbs and 14-15% body fat.
Now that the show is over Andrew has created a healthy lifestyle eating plan for me so that I can maintain my new healthy figure! I am also happy to say that I am finally working with an IFPA Pro Figure Competitor to help me along the journey to my next show!

I surprised my boyfriend with a plan made just for him. Along with the changes Andrew has made in my life, a few of my family members will be seeking his expertise in reaching their own personal goals as well!
Thank you for everything, Andrew!

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