First Time Bikini Competition Prep

I was introduced to Case Specific through a mutual friend. After a lot of thinking and researching I made the personal decision to compete in a bikini competition. My friend, now case specific teammate, recommended that I speak to Andrew and have him coach me through the months leading up to the competition. During my initial consultation I was immediately impressed with Andrew’s knowledge. Andrew is not only a licensed professional but also very experienced in the field. He knew all about the show I wanted to enter and even suggested I reach out to the competition organizer for posing tips, which made all the difference for my confidence. Andrew was always there for me during my prep and was involved with the many updates I had. There were times when I was frustrated with my progress and I had some difficulties with the scale. During that time, Andrew made adjustments to my meals based on my body fat percentage and was prompt with sending me perfectly tailored meal plans for my needs. After many weeks, I was ready for show day and I honestly will never be the same! I learned so much from Andrew and his brilliance. I continue to learn about health from his social media pages. With Andrew’s help I have learned how to properly cut body fat with diet and exercise and I couldn’t be more thrilled with my transformation.

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