Finding the culprit

At 31, I’ve suffered for almost 20 years with stomach problems. They came to a head this year, and after 3 very miserable months I had exhausted all options of Dr’s telling me that it was just my digestive system. After consulting google and some great reviews, I found Andrew. At the first visit, he immediately had a game plan for me and helped me find a way to get to the real problem and still live a healthy and well balanced lifestyle. Over the coming weeks, he helped me not only get to the root problem, a wheat intolerance. Don’t be confused by Celiac’s or Gluten Intolerence. My intolerance is with an entirely different protein of wheat and Andrew not only helped educate me on the difference but gave me articles, meal guides, how to safely indulge in my favorite foods, and an action plan to help continue in my 3 months of being symptom free! He has also motivated me to be more active and running my first 5k on Thanksgiving Day!
I would reccomend Andrew and Case Specific to anyone and everyone!

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