Case Specific Meal Prep

CSMP provides healthy, cost-effective and delicious meals for our customers. CSMP works closely with Case Specific Nutrition Dietitians to provide clients with nutrient rich meals that align with caloric, performance, and weight management goals. 

It’s time to stop spending hours in the grocery store every week and at home cooking every night. Let Case Specific Meal Prep take care of you with meals that are affordable, delicious and nutritious!

We provide delicious, fresh [never frozen] meals, with interchangeable menu options, including flexible protein selections [gluten free, vegan choices available] & 2 serving sizes to meet individual portion needs. Our biggest differentiator is our partnership with Case Specific Nutrition – these Dietitians offer input and endorse our meals for your health and wellness goals.

Click the CSMP Logo Below to learn more about CSMP, as well as place your order for your first batch of meals delivered directly to your door!  The website will open in a new tab.