Contest Prep Journey 2014

Back in April 2014, I decided to circle a bodybuilding show on my calendar set for August 16th. Even though I was well over 15 weeks away from this set date, I began to put unwanted pressure on my shoulders to start burning fat as quickly as possible. My instincts then told me to turn to Andrew Wade for guidance throughout this prep. I was impressed right away with how friendly and engaging Andrew was during our initial consultation. To get the ball rolling, he found out every piece of information about me to put together my personal meal plan that was also catered to my lifestyle at the time. I knew right away that Andrew’s services were legit because there are too many coaching services out there that provide their clients’ with “cookie cutter” plans, which obviously are not tailored personally. During this prep, I was not thrown to the side. Any time I had a question, comment, or concern, Andrew was always available via text or email, and always responded promptly. For those of you that have done a contest prep before, you know that it grinds on you physically and mentally so having Andrew in my corner most definitely gave me security for what I was doing. One week out from my show, Andrew designed a full-blown personal meal plan that was developed from how my physique was looking at the time in conjunction with real science based methods to bring my body into its best shape. I learned a lot more about my body and how it reacts and uses the foods we eat. Whether you want to do a bodybuilding show, just lose fat, gain muscle, or just be healthy, I would recommend Andrew Wade to absolutely anyone needing assistance because Andrew will tailor his services to anyone’s lifestyle.

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