Professional Mentoring

Our practice strives to lead Dietetics and it’s professionals into the forefront of wellness and healthcare. Health is finally shifting from acute care to preventive action, and we feel Dietitians are trained to take the lead in this initiative. With our training in motivational interviewing and lifestyle modification, we are the perfect professional to work with clients and create lasting change. For us to drive change in both quality and quantity of life, we need the freedom of practice. The Biomedical Model of care is too short sighted fast paced. At Case Specific Nutrition we are confident the Dietitian Private Practice model is the solution. The freedom to create services and the time management to utilize our skill set only exists in a more personal model of care. With this in mind, we call on Dietetic Professionals to join us in the Private Practice Model of Care! We are here to help, and are creating services to help you start your own Private Practice.


Business Consulting: $250/hr with free introduction meeting

Do you have a vision for your business or practice and want a mentor with experience to provide insights, ideas and connections, as well as collaborate with you on the most efficient path forward?

Andrew Wade is the Owner of Case Specific Nutrition, and an experienced expert in the creation, development and management of a Private Practice. In addition to Case Specific Nutrition, Andrew is co-creator of the Optilife Academy, is a published author, creator of the Rate My Day mobile app, and has passive income streams developed across the nutrition industry. If you are looking for professional insights or a life coach, Andrew’s experience and entrepreneurship will serve as a great resource. Please reach out via email at to set up your free consult and decide if Andrew is the right mentor for your professional path!

Get a feel for Andrew’s Style in these two exclusive Podcast interviews:

Diet for the Athlete, Work-a-holic, and Everyone in Between

Beyond Calories and Carbs: Myths, Fads and Facts with 2 Registered Dietitians


How to Start Your Own Practice Guide:  Coming SOON!

This resource is a comprehensive guide built by Andrew to help you navigate the creation and growth of your own private practice. When he started in 2013, there were few resources to assist, and most of the business was built from trial and error paired with hours of phone calls, meetings, and outreach. It is a process to say the least! If you are looking for a true “cheat sheet”, with tips, tricks and simplified paths forward, this is your starting point. You will use this resource to get started, as well as in the continued management of any private practice. Key topics include:

  • Creating a Legal Business
  • Creating an Efficient Business System
  • Getting in Network and Billing Insurance
  • Contracting and Negotiation
  • Networking and Marketing


Open Your Own Case Specific Nutrition!

If you are interested in private practice dietetics and like what our brand is creating, you should consider partnering with us! The benefits of owning your own Case Specific Nutrition include:

  • Access to use of the Case Specific Nutrition Brand
  • Access to Andrew as a permanent Professional Mentor
  • Access to the How to Start Your Own Practice Guide
  • Access to all Case Specific Nutrition Materials and Resources
  • Access to Case Specific Nutrition Website and Blogs for marketing, promotion and writing exposure
  • Professional Education via recommended books, resources, and Case Specific Case Studies

Email Andrew at to discuss this opportunity further!