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I pole vault at the University of Toledo. In Division I athletics, nutrition is a huge part of success. I found Andrew and Case Specific Nutrition™ through mutual friends. I was eating healthy food, but quite frankly, I had a feeling I was not eating enough for how much training I do. Andrew put together a meal plan for me and although it was an adjustment to eat that much food, I got used to it. After a couple weeks I noticed changes. Not only was I becoming more defined physically, I had energy during practices that were sometimes four hours long, and made huge gains in the weight room and in pole vault. I jumped a lifetime personal best this season and I increased my personal bests in the weight room in nearly every lift.

What I find cool about this meal plan thing, is that I can exchange so many different foods and still know that I am fueling my body to perform to the best of my ability. The meal plan Andrew gave me was just a stencil and I have taken the time to look at other foods and count out equivalents. That has made it very personalized and enjoyable for me. It’s nice because I am basically eating the same healthy food as before but this time I actually know and understand the portions I am supposed to be eating. Interestingly enough, I gained about 2 pounds on this journey; but have become much more defined in the abdominal area, legs and shoulders. The reading on the scale is just a number and I know from Bod Pod testing the two pounds I gained was nearly all muscle.

​I plan to continue to eat according to the meal plan, as that is when I feel my best. I cannot thank Andrew enough for the many questions of mine he answered and for allowing me to fuel my body with real food and help me reach my athletic goals.

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