No fill whey

I’ve cycled quite a few different proteins through my workout regimen. That’s kinda what happens when you work for the vitamin shoppe. Daily whey follows a wonderful mold of no filler protein with great taste, excellent mixability, and a wonderful amino profile. That’s why I would highly recommend it to anyone. Plus its price point is basically a steal! Can’t go wrong with Daily Whey!

Beth Linhoss

I absolutely love Daily Whey! I have tried many brands of protein powder mixes and they are usually too sweet, contain too many ingredients, or taste like a vitamin. Daily Whey is perfect for me because it does not contain any of those factors. The taste to me is like a very light version of vanilla cake batter. I also am very impressed that when I blend this product with my almond milk it does not clump up! The drink is perfect for my before or after workout regimen or as a convenient snack on the go! I have recommended this product to many of my friends and they too share the same thoughts I do about Daily Whey.


I have been using the Daily Whey to make this appetite-curbing 100 calorie milkshake: add 1/2 scoop protein powder to 1/2 cup nonfat milk in a blender and blend on HIGH. Drop 10 ice cubes, one at a time, into the blender (I put them in the center hole of the lid) and continue blending for 30 seconds or until smooth. For a real treat, I add a couple teaspoons of Smucker’s Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup. It is very satisfying and delicious! I was skeptical about how a whey protein would taste, but Daily Whey is just right. I like that it is low carb, too.


First day using this product (vanilla flavor) and it taste AMAZING with vanilla almond milk….I use the protein shake bottle with the mixing ball and it mixed surprisingly well…no clumps or anything… definitely look forward to continuing with this product and I will keep you guys updated on how things go

robert marty

“One size does not fit all,” could not be a more accurate statement. Prior to working with Andrew, my “nutritionists,” gave me generic dieting advice that had worked for THEM with THEIR weight loss goals. By hiring Andrew as my registered dietitian I made sure that expertise and scientifically validated information would be the keys to my weight loss and not hours of cardio or under eating. It was that same knowledge that helped me to achieve an all time low body fat of 3%, while maintaining all of my muscle mass that I had put on naturally over the course of a year. More importantly was the energy, strength, and quality of health that Andrew made sure I maintained throughout the 15 week diet. Furthermore, Andrew was always willing to answer my questions and put in extra time to make sure we stayed on track. In the end the results speak for themselves, and as a result of working with Andrew I brought 4 trophies home with me from Gary Udit’s Natural Pennsylvania, three of them being 1st places. Andrew will help you to reach your dieting goals because he wants you to achieve them just as badly as you do. Do not sell yourself short and pay for a diet that was made for someone else, because you deserve a diet that was made to fit YOUR lifestyle and help you to reach YOUR goals.


I have recently changed my workout routine around and am starting to lift more in combination with cardio. I am working out in the mornings now and drink a protein shake after my workout. The vanilla flavor is so good in this protein that I can’t wait until my workout is over so I can drink it. It mixes so well in the blender with milk and fruit that it tastes like a milkshake. I have noticed a change in my body composition since drinking daily whey. I am losing fat and gaining muscle. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to get into shape. I have also been baking with it and mixing it with oatmeal and yogurt as snacks. It is such a versatile product.


As someone has been taking and working with supplements for years, I would have to say that Daily Whey is one the best quality protein powders on the market today! I have been looking for really good low cal, low fat, and low sugar protein to add some lean muscle and this beats anything I have found yet. It also keeps me satisfied when I drink it as meal replacement and it taste pretty good too! And as a personal trainer, I have currently and will continue to recommend Daily Whey to clients looking to lose weight or wanting to add some solid lean muscle.