Nutrition in Bodybuilding

I am a sponsored athlete and a men’s physique competitor in the NPC (National Physique Committee). As a “bodybuilder” I must train to lower my bodyfat to the lowest (healthy) level possible for the time that I step on stage. I have been using Andrew’s consulting services for almost 6 months now and have come farther working with him than I had ever thought possible. His meal plans are catered to you specifically(they’re CASE SPECIFIC;D), they do not starve you, and they focus on healthy food that not only will help you lose fat, but also feel better and more fit overall. He also treats his clients as FRIENDS and not just names. During my show prep he is consistently checking on my progress to make adjustments accordingly. And also being that I am a super broke college kid he is very understanding of my commonly late payments:0 (NOT THAT I AM SAYING THAT IS ACCEPTABLE) I would (and very often do) recommend any person that is seeking to lose fat, and become a more fit individual speak to Andrew and use his services. If you are considering it at all, CONTACT HIM RIGHT NOW.


Customized Meal Plan Results

I am an avid lifter and never received the results I was looking for. After following Andrew’s customized meal plan, I was able to get down to 8% bodyfat! The diet was easy to follow and he made it easily attainable on a college students budget. He created another plan for me to slowly bulk back up and the gains I have made are phenomenal! I highly suggest following his meal plans if you want to get the body you’re looking for! The pictures provided are from the cutting diet he created for me!

Toledo PV edited

College Athletics and Nutrition

I pole vault at the University of Toledo. In Division I athletics, nutrition is a huge part of success. I found Andrew and Case Specific Nutrition™ through mutual friends. I was eating healthy food, but quite frankly, I had a feeling I was not eating enough for how much training I do. Andrew put together a meal plan for me and although it was an adjustment to eat that much food, I got used to it. After a couple weeks I noticed changes. Not only was I becoming more defined physically, I had energy during practices that were sometimes four hours long, and made huge gains in the weight room and in pole vault. I jumped a lifetime personal best this season and I increased my personal bests in the weight room in nearly every lift.

What I find cool about this meal plan thing, is that I can exchange so many different foods and still know that I am fueling my body to perform to the best of my ability. The meal plan Andrew gave me was just a stencil and I have taken the time to look at other foods and count out equivalents. That has made it very personalized and enjoyable for me. It’s nice because I am basically eating the same healthy food as before but this time I actually know and understand the portions I am supposed to be eating. Interestingly enough, I gained about 2 pounds on this journey; but have become much more defined in the abdominal area, legs and shoulders. The reading on the scale is just a number and I know from Bod Pod testing the two pounds I gained was nearly all muscle.

​I plan to continue to eat according to the meal plan, as that is when I feel my best. I cannot thank Andrew enough for the many questions of mine he answered and for allowing me to fuel my body with real food and help me reach my athletic goals.


Journey to a Healthy Life

I am an Exercise Science major at Slippery Rock University and have always been interested in living a healthy lifestyle. I was always active as a young girl dancing since the age of 2 and playing softball. I went to CAPA High School and studied dance where I was always at rehearsal, competition, or performing.
When I came to SRU I was drawn to the MR/MS SRU Competition ever since I was a freshman. I finally decided last summer (2013) that I was going to train for the 2014 show. My journey was anything but easy. I planned to start training 20 weeks out from the day of the show. I began training under a figure competitor out of PIttsburgh who over charged me and lied about her said credentials. As you could imagine this was highly discouraging so I went on for about 10 weeks just trying to do this on my own until after returning from our Winter break I got in touch with another trainer who just knew how to get “shredded” for a bodybuilding show without considering major health risks. By this point in training I was 9 weeks out and I just needed help. After following this plan I was extremely sick. As a female I was over consuming protein and my body was deprived of many essential things it needed. This lead me to back and forth doctors visits to keep my training on track. After realizing enough was enough I needed to seek a health professional who knew what was going on. I then came in contact with Andrew at 5 weeks out from competition day. I was so proud to say that after all of the misguidance and misinformation I was able to step on stage extremely happy and healthy. I was finally confident in my own skin ! I always saw the before and after pictures of other people hoping that they were me. Today I am so proud to say that thanks to Andrew and Case Specific Nutrition™ it really is ME! In the left picture: Day 1 of training- 134 lbs and almost 30% body fat. In the right picture: Competition Day- about 118 lbs and 14-15% body fat.
Now that the show is over Andrew has created a healthy lifestyle eating plan for me so that I can maintain my new healthy figure! I am also happy to say that I am finally working with an IFPA Pro Figure Competitor to help me along the journey to my next show!

I surprised my boyfriend with a plan made just for him. Along with the changes Andrew has made in my life, a few of my family members will be seeking his expertise in reaching their own personal goals as well!
Thank you for everything, Andrew!


Ms. SRU and more

Going into my senior year of college, I wanted to do something much bigger than myself that pushed me out of my comfort zone and really challenged me. I have always been inspired to live a healthy lifestyle and be very active. I am studying Exercise Science at Slippery Rock University and believe that practicing what your preach is the most effective tool a person can hold. One aspect of the exercise and fitness world that always caught my eye was the world of bodybuilding. At my school, we have an annual competition, Mr. and Ms. SRU, where students from our school as well as other schools compete in a bodybuilding competition. So as my goal for this year, I decided to commit to the bodybuilding lifestyle and become a bikini competitor in this year’s competition. My friend Rob had recently worked with Andrew on a show and I was truly amazed at his physique and build for the show. I knew that going at this competition alone would not be possible so I got in contact with Andrew right away. After discussing my goals, we got my meal prep ready in no time and I was on the go! Every week, I lost weight and began to see my body transform. As the diet became more serious, any problems that came up were immediately fixed and we were able to adjust and accommodate to my needs and lifestyle. I could not believe how amazing my body felt while still losing weight and lowering my percentage of body fat. At the start of training, I weighed around 144 with a 23% body fat and on March 30, competition day, I weighed in at 123 lbs with 11-12% body fat. I ended up winning:
First in Class A Closed bikini
Ms. SRU Bikini Champion
First in Class B Open Bikini
First in Overall Open Bikini
I cannot thank Andrew and Case Specific Nutrition™ enough! I would of never had the body I had for my competition nor the mindset. Andrew was so helpful during my training not only with my dietary needs, but with emotional and life stress that came into my life. I could not ask for a better trainer by my side and I’m so happy to be representing CSN and to be able to bring home 4 first place trophies! I will no doubt in my mind be working with CSN and Andrew for a long time 🙂 This was one show and there are many more to come 🙂
Thanks again!!!


Value Products & Services

I wanted to thank Case Specific Nutrition™ for helping me achieve results I never knew possible with their services and products. I was never overly concerned with my weight or physique but after working with CSN, I have learned to maintain a healthy body weight while dropping 6% body fat and increasing lean body mass. I look and feel better than I have. Now I am working with CSN on training for my first half marathon. I know I won’t be disappointed with the results!

mom on the go

I love this product mostly because it makes me feel great but also it fits in with my hectic lifestyle. As a new mom who also works full-time I was looking for a protein that I could use on the go and also didnt have a bunch of ingredients I couldn’t pronounce. Case specific is just what I needed! I can mix it in a smoothie in the morning and drink it while I care for my baby and have a nutritous and filling breakfast. I highly recommend !

Good Value Product

This protein is a solid value product. The price per scoop is very good, and the tub contains more protein than a typical tub of the same size.

I enjoy the taste much more so than other vanilla proteins. It has the taste more like a vanilla milkshake, whereas other proteins taste artificial.

The mixability of the protein is also a feature of note as it mixes very easily.

Summed up in a short list:
• Solid value
• Tub contains a lot of protein (very full)
• Taste is natural and delicious
• Mixes easily

Fantastic Product

As as avid bodybuilder and overall fitness enthusiast, protein is a huge part of my daily diet. Daily Whey is a beautiful, simple blend which has left me with no complaints at all. There is hardly anything in the product except for the the protein itself, so all the extra garbage chemicals are left out. The vanilla taste is excellent. The cost was incredibly low and the tub was filled TO THE TOP, which any person who has purchased any other protein before knows is uneard of. I will certainly be a repeat customer of Case Specific Nutrition™ and look forward to the release of future products.