Aunt Paula

Reversing Osteoporosis

I am a 53-year-old female who is postmenopausal. I’ve always considered myself to be in good shape and felt I ate healthy as an adult, but not so healthy as an adolescent. I have weighed between 110-120 lbs most of my adult life, up until the past 3 years when I went through menopause. I now weigh about 126 and am 5’6 tall.

Approximately one year ago I had my first bone density test and it revealed I had osteoporosis with a reading of-2.7 for my spine. I was in shock. I was referred to an internal medicine doctor who prescribed me to take bio phosphates. After doing some research I found the drug they wanted me to take could possibly stop bone loss, but would not promote bone growth. The drug also came with a number of other side affects I was not ready to risk taking. I decided to contact Andrew Wade, a Registered Dietitian, and share my concerns. He was very empathetic and said he would not want to take this type of drug either if he was in my shoes. I reviewed my diet with him and he made some suggestions on foods I could add. He also advised me to take quality supplements. With his help and recommendations I began to take a quality multi vitamin called Phyto Multi along with a calcium supplement called CalApatite Bone Builder. He also suggested liquid Vitamin D3 to take with the calcium. I purchased these supplements through the website For the next 12 months, I followed his instructions and I focused on my diet and eating healthier, which also included eating more alkaline foods. I also took my vitamins and began a strength-training program.

I went for a follow-up bone density test on September 2, 2015 and found that what Andrew had suggested I do, was working. My results came back and I was gaining back some of my bone loss. My spine test revealed I was at -2.3, which is classified as osteopenia not osteoporosis! I was so excited. I will continue to live the lifestyle I have been living the last year and continue to focus on my diet, strength training and vitamin supplements. I am scheduled to go back in one year for another test and I am excited to see if I can make my numbers even better. Thank you Andrew Wade!


Penn State Rowing Athlete

I reached out to Andrew this past summer for some help in becoming one of the top rowers for the Penn State Women’s Crew Team. Fortunetly, with Andrew’s help, I was able to place 7th (in the Varsity 4+) in the Head of the Charles World Championships Regatta with my boat-mates.

Andrew was extremely inviting and helped me get down to an all time low body fat percentage for me of a 22.1% in my fall racing season. I felt strong, and I felt lean. The most amazing part was even though I was losing fat, I was maintaining my weight for the most part and was able to gain a lot of strength to make our boat stronger and faster.

The highlight of my season was being able to see my Coach’s facial expression when he saw my rowing test results compared to my weight and my body fat percentage. We were both impressed and both very satisfied how far I have come. I truly owe a lot of that work to Andrew! I do not think I would have been as successful and happy without his nutrition plan for me!

JODES - Tessandme

Fantastic Experience

I am a 34 year old mom, and was spending a lot of time working out without any visible results. I came across Andrew’s site, and wanted to see how he could help.

You can see Andrews’ passion for nutrition within the first 10 seconds of meeting him. My first meeting was Andrew genuinely taking interest in my personal goals, current activity, and eating habits. I left the first meeting with a meal plan, and an open door to ask any questions as I started changing the way I looked at food.

After a few phone an in-person sessions I had a customized plan, that led me to the loss of a significant percentage of body fat in a very reasonable period of time, and I couldn’t be happier. Andrew was able to help me in a way that FIT my current lifestyle, specific to me, and was so easy to implement.

Andrew is a consummate professional, and I would recommend him to anyone that is looking to understand how to maximize the balance between life, exercise and food.


Nutrition & Performance for Competitive Rowing

I started working with Andrew after one of my teammates referred me to him. She had lost weight, looked good and her performance had improved drastically as a result. I was interested in the same effect and Andrew helped me get there. He helped me understand how I should feed my body, how to balance my nutrient intake and how to eat when race day came. With Andrew’s guidance I lost 11 pounds. After placing 5th in the Dad Vail Regatta, I decided to continue my weight loss journey following Andrew’s regimen to become a lightweight rower. I successfully lost an additional 12 pounds to race as a lightweight in the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta. I am so grateful for having had the opportunity to work with Andrew during my spring semester, and I cant thank him enough for showing me how important of a role nutrition has in one’s athletic aspirations.


Take it to the Next Level

I’ve struggled with my weight ever since Jr. High school. It wasn’t until I turned 20 and struggled walking my college campus that I actually took action and started on my journey of pursuing a healthy lifestyle. At that time, I weighed around 240 pounds. After a few years of researching and putting my time in the gym. Doing this and eating “clean” definitely got me some results, as I sat consistently around 205-210 after that. After plateauing for a good two years at that weight, I met Andrew. After making the decision to enter in my first physique show, I decided to talk to Andrew about my next steps. Not only did he set me up with a step by step meal plan to follow and adjusted regularly, he also answered any questions I had during the duration of my 6 month cut. Without Andrews help, I would’ve never been able to take my physique to the next level like I have always wanted to. His knowledge and support are more than I could’ve imagined, I couldn’t have done it without him!


First Time Bikini Competition Prep

I was introduced to Case Specific through a mutual friend. After a lot of thinking and researching I made the personal decision to compete in a bikini competition. My friend, now case specific teammate, recommended that I speak to Andrew and have him coach me through the months leading up to the competition. During my initial consultation I was immediately impressed with Andrew’s knowledge. Andrew is not only a licensed professional but also very experienced in the field. He knew all about the show I wanted to enter and even suggested I reach out to the competition organizer for posing tips, which made all the difference for my confidence. Andrew was always there for me during my prep and was involved with the many updates I had. There were times when I was frustrated with my progress and I had some difficulties with the scale. During that time, Andrew made adjustments to my meals based on my body fat percentage and was prompt with sending me perfectly tailored meal plans for my needs. After many weeks, I was ready for show day and I honestly will never be the same! I learned so much from Andrew and his brilliance. I continue to learn about health from his social media pages. With Andrew’s help I have learned how to properly cut body fat with diet and exercise and I couldn’t be more thrilled with my transformation.

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Ms. Sru 2015

Throughout my life I have participated in many sports. As a result, I became more involved with my own personal fitness and health. It was not until I was in college that I became interested in the sport of bodybuilding and the competitions that accompany it. I had a pretty knowledgeable background on how to exercise but not much experience with how I should eat in order to properly feed my body for competition prep. That’s when I contacted Andrew. He made both clean bulking plans and a cutting plan for me leading up to the show. All my meal plans were customized to my needs and likes which I really enjoyed. Andrew also provided me with options for meal plans depending on what time of day I was working out. This varied the foods I ate each day and allowed for some variety so I was not repeatedly eating the same thing all day every day. Andrew also gave me an exchange list of carbs, fats, and proteins which also allowed some variety in my meals. As show time approached, Andrew answered all my questions regarding meals and even exercise. He also cared for my well being by making sure my mental and physical health remained good as my body fat decreased. With Andrew’s help, I was able to go from 15% body fat to just under 10% body fat within 12 weeks. I would highly recommend Andrew as a dietician to anyone looking to better their health. He is extremely personable and really cares for his clients. I know I will continue to use his services in the future.


Contest Prep Journey 2014

Back in April 2014, I decided to circle a bodybuilding show on my calendar set for August 16th. Even though I was well over 15 weeks away from this set date, I began to put unwanted pressure on my shoulders to start burning fat as quickly as possible. My instincts then told me to turn to Andrew Wade for guidance throughout this prep. I was impressed right away with how friendly and engaging Andrew was during our initial consultation. To get the ball rolling, he found out every piece of information about me to put together my personal meal plan that was also catered to my lifestyle at the time. I knew right away that Andrew’s services were legit because there are too many coaching services out there that provide their clients’ with “cookie cutter” plans, which obviously are not tailored personally. During this prep, I was not thrown to the side. Any time I had a question, comment, or concern, Andrew was always available via text or email, and always responded promptly. For those of you that have done a contest prep before, you know that it grinds on you physically and mentally so having Andrew in my corner most definitely gave me security for what I was doing. One week out from my show, Andrew designed a full-blown personal meal plan that was developed from how my physique was looking at the time in conjunction with real science based methods to bring my body into its best shape. I learned a lot more about my body and how it reacts and uses the foods we eat. Whether you want to do a bodybuilding show, just lose fat, gain muscle, or just be healthy, I would recommend Andrew Wade to absolutely anyone needing assistance because Andrew will tailor his services to anyone’s lifestyle.


Ms. Sru 2014

I have always been an athlete and enjoyed fitness. I decided to get serious into body building/competing and loved every second of it, I knew what to do when it came to training in the gym, but when it came to nutrition I did not have the slightest clue. Andrew was recommended my numerous people and as soon as I contacted him he was great! He talked to me for hours and explained every question that I had (which was a lot). I would text him and call him and he was always there to help me out. I was training to win and he knew that and was helping me out along our 12 week journey. I got down to 10% body fat and was ready to walk on stage. I won my class and got second over all and I would not have gotten to that point without him. I learned a lot and have an even more of a passion in nutrition and fitness than I did before.

Class act

The vanilla is the best tasting protein I have ever had. Its like creamy buttery vanilla goodness. I recommend to everyone! Andrew also makes great meal plans that are well balanced and give you sustained energy throughout the day. He has been a class act since day 1 answering any questions I had. Thank you!