Lifestyle changes do work!

After many years of doctors telling me to adopt lifestyle changes to lower my cholesterol, last year I finally took it to heart. With Allison’s help on eating balanced meals and watching portion sizes I’ve lost about 20 pounds and feeling so much better about myself. I’ve also received reinforcement through a health coach and personal trainer. I now embrace an active lifestyle and am treating my body so much better. The best part is, since I started this journey to wellness, my statin was cut in half, and I’m no longer prediabetic. The change in my blood work numbers was simply astounding! So yes, lifestyle changes do have an impact on one’s health; I’m living proof of that!


Varsity Swimmer

When I first came to Andrew, I was coming from a year and a half of dealing with two concussions. I was unable to swim full practices for several months, which lead to unwanted weight gain. I’ve been working with Andrew for nearly two years now, and the results I have gotten, and continue to get, are unbelievable. I never thought I’d be able to swim as fast as I was prior to my injuries. Andrew has shown me ways to meet my fueling needs, and how to enjoy myself while I am in the midst of the competition season for swimming. I am beyond grateful for Andrew and Case Specfic Nutrition.

Lifestyle Counselling

Andrew was of GREAT help to me. I was well advised on eating habits and exercise.
I was given assistance with meal planning as to not get bored and give up on myself.
Even when I faced difficult times, Andrew has been right there to help keep me motivated.
After 6 months I’m down over 30 pounds, I feel much better and have the confidence to continue.
I look forward to keeping up the change in my lifestyle so that I can better manage my
weight and health in the future. Thanks to Andrew for being a GREAT nutritionist and motivator!

Finding the culprit

At 31, I’ve suffered for almost 20 years with stomach problems. They came to a head this year, and after 3 very miserable months I had exhausted all options of Dr’s telling me that it was just my digestive system. After consulting google and some great reviews, I found Andrew. At the first visit, he immediately had a game plan for me and helped me find a way to get to the real problem and still live a healthy and well balanced lifestyle. Over the coming weeks, he helped me not only get to the root problem, a wheat intolerance. Don’t be confused by Celiac’s or Gluten Intolerence. My intolerance is with an entirely different protein of wheat and Andrew not only helped educate me on the difference but gave me articles, meal guides, how to safely indulge in my favorite foods, and an action plan to help continue in my 3 months of being symptom free! He has also motivated me to be more active and running my first 5k on Thanksgiving Day!
I would reccomend Andrew and Case Specific to anyone and everyone!

No, your stomach should not hurt everyday…

I am writing this testimonial for anyone who has ever struggled with digestive issues and been too scared or embarrassed to truly get to the root of the problem. For years, I suffered daily from everything from abdominal discomfort to heartburn to excessive bloating. I really didn’t know what it felt like to truly feel well; daily discomfort had become my norm, and so I just accepted it. After finally being diagnosed with IBS, I was hopeful that I had found the solution to my problem. Unfortunately, there isn’t a cure for IBS, so managing it really is all about a treatment plan.

I tried several rounds of various prescription meds, only to find myself with side effects terrible enough to completely negate any potential upside. I was frustrated, discouraged, and still feeling miserable. Then I called Andrew. I’d be the first to admit that I was skeptical. I was exercising regularly and had healthy eating habits, so I wasn’t convinced that a dietician could fix my problems.

Thankfully, I could not have been more wrong! Andrew took the time, effort and consideration to thoroughly assess my symptoms and pain points. By the time I made it home from my first appointment, I had a customized meal plan waiting for me in my in-box. I needed to be patient, but Andrew was honest with me that I’d likely need to work through some trial and error in order to figure this out. I could tell immediately that he was 100% committed to finding the right treatment plan for me – he was able to engage and motivate me to do the same, which was huge.

At first, we took a less restrictive approach, which was great because it meant it was easier for me to implement and maintain the necessary changes. Slowly but surely, I started to notice small wins in how I felt. Andrew partnered with me to identify what was and wasn’t working – one by one, we starting eliminating symptoms by adjusting the foods in my diet.

Andrew taught me a few basic things. I wasn’t drinking enough water given my activity levels, and I definitely wasn’t eating enough good, healthy fats. Over time, we learned that I responded incredibly well to a low FODMAP diet. I know, I had never heard of it either. Many people suffering from IBS have difficulty digesting certain types of carbohydrates. Andrew helped me to identify my “trigger foods” so that I could reduce their prevalence in my diet. The crazy part is that many of them are healthy foods for those who aren’t sensitive to FODMAPs, so I never would have thought to cut them out on my own. I needed an expert to point me in the right direction. Andrew and his team at Case Specific Nutrition™ are those experts, and they can be for you, too.

If you’ve read this far, it means you’re thinking about calling for a consult – do it! In partnership with Andrew, I went from barely being able to get myself out the door in the morning to running the Chicago Marathon without digestive distress! I could write an entirely different testimonial on that, but for now, I’ll leave you with one final thought. Working with Andrew completely restored the positive quality of life that I had been lacking for 10+ years. You deserve the same for yourself. Let Andrew and his team help you by scheduling your consult today.

What the heck is Quinoa?

I’m not eating something I can’t pronounce….at least that was my first thought. Andrew Wade changed that and all of my preconceived notions on dieting and exercise.

I’m 62 years old and getting ready to retire in a couple of years, when in June I got blasted with a borderline diabetic diagnosis. In four months of working with Andrew, I dropped 24 lbs, 13 of which was fat and my ac1 went from 6.1 to 5.6.

I now eat Quinoa, Salmon, Brussel Sprouts, Greek Yogurt and other weird healthy foods… and I feel phenomenal. Literally, working with Andrew has changed my lifestyle from feeling exhausted, out of shape and generally sluggish to that of feeling fit, having 3x the amount of energy and looking great.

Maybe the most surprisingly helpful aspect of working with Andrew has been the level of education, not only about nutrition but in depth knowledge about how and why certain foods, servings and timing are so critical to my health goals.

Today I’m 62 and practicing karate, weight lifting with my son, kayaking with my family on the rivers, and have never felt healthier… Just in time for retirement. And yes, I eat quinoa!


Diabeetus and Weight Loss

When I started the journey to lose weight, I was between 300-315lbs. I was a sloppy fat silly putty mess. And not to mention, a Type1 insulin dependent diabetic. I was basically headed for death. I got myself down to 280, but then I was stuck. Andrew helped me to kick start the weight loss back in gear. TOGETHER we consistently tweaked my meal plan to sucker punch my diabetes and and keep the weight melting off – all while maintaining strength. It was a long road, but Andrew kept me motivated. He cares for you as a person, not as a client. My goals were personalized and not from some manual. I started in a XXL shirt, and now I am between a Large and Medium. I was working in a size 42-44 pant, and now I am down to between a 34-36 inch waist. I have dropped 100lbs, with only 15 more to go to get myself under 200 once again. And, if you know anything about diabetes – I had a Hemoglobin A1C of around 11.5 back in 2011, and now we are at a 7 (and dropping). The lower this number, the lower the risk of heart disease, kidney issues, and any other complications from diabetes, My workouts are long and rigorous, but are able to be maintained while reaping all of the benefits – thanks to the knowledge Andrew has given in regards using my nutrition to maintain energy. I have come a long way, baby. This guy right here was a keystone in this success. Here is me dressed as a ‘merican on July 4th, 2013 (top left) –compared to myself now (all recent within 30 days). I hope these pics show that I am totally not a big ol’ McFatty anymore. Damn does it feel good to say that!



From a very young age I was always active and engaged in sports. I grew up playing soccer, basketball, and running cross-country and track. I have always been an extremely competitive individual and worked to be the very best athlete I could be. It was always my aspiration to play soccer at the collegiate level. With this goal in mind, I worked very hard to develop the skill to play at this level. My freshman year in high school I began working with a sports performance trainer. I lifted a few days a week and worked on speed and agility training as well. Throughout high school, I was passionate about fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. However, it wasn’t until college that I really became passionate about fitness.
After four years of playing collegiate soccer, I was itching to find something new to compete for. Because I developed such a passion for weight lifting, I decided that I would compete in a NPC Bikini Competition. I knew that in order to be successful with this, a proper diet would be crucial. A good friend of mine from school suggested contacting Andrew Wade for help regarding a meal plan for my bikini prep. Although I had always been conscious with what I ate and ate what I thought was a “healthy diet,” I was wrong. After meeting with Andrew for our initial consult, I was shocked at the wealth of information he provided me and some of the essential nutrients that were missing in my diet.
I am extremely thankful for all Andrew has done to help me throughout this preparation. He was always willing to make adjustments based on what I liked and disliked. I thought going into the prep that it would be a miserable diet; however with Andrew’s help he made the experience so rewarding. Thanks to Andrew, I went from 20% body fat to 12% in 10 weeks. Any one who asks me for recommendations regarding a diet, I immediately suggest Andrew. He is such a friendly and approachable individual with a passion for helping people reach their goals. Thank you Andrew for your help! Cannot wait to work with you for the next bikini prep!

Bikini Prep

Before I was referred to Andrew I got wrapped up in a uneducated coach who cared about nothing other than money. Trying to step into the competition world for the first time is scary and nerve wrecking and I wanted nothing more than someone to be there to help me with my diet so that I would be stage ready in time. Andrew did just that. I was getting close to my show date and he made time for us to have a phone consult literally the day after I contacted him. Not only were his plans easy for me to follow but he also made it extremely affordable. To be honest he truly cares about his clients; which I’ve witnessed through various friends. He makes plans different for everyone based on their OWN goals, and for that I can’t thank him enough.