Faster Than Normal w/ Peter Shankman: You Are What You Eat w/ Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist Andrew Wade

The first interview with our guest today was so informative, we had to bring him back! If you haven’t listened to “Nutrition Wellness and ADHD w/ Fitness + Dietary Expert Andrew Wade” maybe try to start there. Either way this is a great one! We left off with “don’t eat cookies alone”… Today is a continuance of that interview. He expands on that sentiment and we talk more about how important nutrition is in our hectic, everyday ADHD lives. Enjoy!

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Faster Than Normal w/ Peter Shankman: Nutrition, Wellness & ADHD w/ Fitness & Dietary Expert Andrew Wade

This interview contains some of the most important info we’ve probably ever discussed on Faster Than Normal. Welcome our great guest Andrew Wade, MS, RDN, LDN, CSSD (dig the hard work, discipline and study that went into earning all those letters!) He just got diagnosed this year but has spent a lifetime studying about the body. Today we’re talking about the domino’s of digestion and energy, Nutrition, ADHD, Neurodiversity, diet, exercise, lonely foods versus quality food- basically we’re talking about most the primary toolkit in how we keep our day-to-day engines running smoothly! Enjoy!

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Masters of Health and Fitness and the Creators of OptiLife Academy

This show features a conversation with two Heavy Weights in the health and wellness industry who have teamed up to create OptiLife Academy, an online learning platform to help build healthy happier people.

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