Lifestyle changes do work!

After many years of doctors telling me to adopt lifestyle changes to lower my cholesterol, last year I finally took it to heart. With Allison’s help on eating balanced meals and watching portion sizes I’ve lost about 20 pounds and feeling so much better about myself. I’ve also received reinforcement through a health coach and personal trainer. I now embrace an active lifestyle and am treating my body so much better. The best part is, since I started this journey to wellness, my statin was cut in half, and I’m no longer prediabetic. The change in my blood work numbers was simply astounding! So yes, lifestyle changes do have an impact on one’s health; I’m living proof of that!


Varsity Swimmer

When I first came to Andrew, I was coming from a year and a half of dealing with two concussions. I was unable to swim full practices for several months, which lead to unwanted weight gain. I’ve been working with Andrew for nearly two years now, and the results I have gotten, and continue to get, are unbelievable. I never thought I’d be able to swim as fast as I was prior to my injuries. Andrew has shown me ways to meet my fueling needs, and how to enjoy myself while I am in the midst of the competition season for swimming. I am beyond grateful for Andrew and Case Specfic Nutrition.